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for end of project submissions

Project Uploading Instructions

What are these links for?


This link will be needed when your projects passed and you will need to do payment of your participation.


It is link to Infomatrix Asia 2018 Categories and their descriptions.


General Rules of Infomatrix Asia 2018.


Link to main notifications. Also, notifications will be sent notifications to your email if you are subscribed or registered.


You can edit your personal informations. Note: after end of submission you can not change your personal information.

Uploading instructions of your project!

At userpanel you can see three buttons: Upload project, and . Click to upload button, to start your uploading process your project!

Here three simple steps of uploading project. Please read carefully, there have some important notes that can be useful!


Create your team!

In this step, you enter your team name and click to NEXT to next step! For your team will be generated secret key. Note: it must be unique and do not match to other your team!


Adding students to your team!

In this step, you must correctly fill informations of your students. Important note: fill your student's full name correctly, because if you passed and come to competition, will be rechecked and if full name is not coincide with your entered, will be disqualified from compete!


Uploading your project!

It is last step, in this section fill needed blanks and upload your project (Project file must be "ZIP" extension)! If there additional link or file, you can give links to field Cloud or Video. Those links not important to fill up. At last, submit it!

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