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    1. The registration and all requisite forms regarding the competition are available on the web site: Participants are required to periodically check website for constant updates

    2. The registration and projects submissions starts on January 1st, 2018 and finishes on 5 March 24’th, 2018. Check the important dates section on the website. There might some changes along the way so make sure to check periodically important dates on the

    3. Secondary-High school participants: All schools that meet secondary and gymnasium education requirements may enter the competition; the contestants must be enrolled at any institute that has an equivalent form of secondary education and within the age limits 10-18.

    4. First year university students can also participate in several categories like “Robotics”, “Hardware Control”, “Drone racing” and “Mathematical Project” and “Computer Programming” for other categories we are going to check the contingency.

    5. Each team must be represented by only one person who will be considered as supervisor (teacher or school staff) except university students. Each supervisor can register more than one project and the projects can be in any category of the competition. From one school, several supervisors can be accepted (for different projects and teams)

    6. Up-to 3 students are allowed for each team

    7. Participants are not allowed to register the same projects with which they have participated to

    previous “INFOMATRIX-Asia” contests, unless there is a major change in the project.

    8. Participants are responsible of what information they enter during registration. In case of any misspelled name or any other information organization committee won’t accept any responsibility. Supervisor emails will be used as the contact information so please be sure that you typed a valid email address.

    9. Please enter the participant’s names in the registration form carefully, which will be used for the visa invitation. A spelling mistake may cause trouble for you during visa application. You need to submit a photo of your passport.

    10. Registered participant student names cannot be changed after the deadline of registration, so make sure to enter your names according to international passport because participation certificates are going to be printed accordingly.

    11. The teams who participate in “INFOMATRIX-Asia” have to register over registration system.

    12. The Jury will evaluate the projects that have been sent between. The projects that qualify for the “INFOMATRIX-Asia 2018” will be announced on the on 5‘th of March 2018 and the supervisors will be informed about the results by e-mail.

    13. For a project presentation in accordance with the given stand (panel) dimensions, the documents should be printed beforehand. Dimensions are available on official website

    14. The project report should not contain repetitions or prolongations. The report should be concise and focused on the subject, and not having omissions. The selection for “INFOMATRIX-Asia” is going to be based on project reports. During the competition each section will have a particular project task where each team must complete and present in a specified time.

    15. The contestants should bring the hardware equipment needed for presenting the project. If any team needs help about providing hardware equipment, Suleyman Demirel University will try to help you (please, let us know beforehand)

    16. We highly recommend to wear the national costumes, to make a good design to the stand and to have a great activity at the exhibition.

    17. The participation and accommodation fees are provided on the website under the payments and fees link. No registration fee waiver can be provided.

    18. All qualified participants have to process payment:
    a) For Kazakhstan teams: by 18:00, 5’th of April, 2018. The scan/photo copies of payments should be sent to to prove that payment.
    b) For teams from guest countries: at registration on 13’th of April, 2017.

    21. If you plan to stay at SDU Guest House, you need to fill out the Check-In form, which will be available at, after results are announced

    22. For participants from guest countries, there is a transfer from/to airport.

    23. Competition starts on 12’th of April and ends at 18:00 on 15’th of April.

    Project Details and Evaluation Criteria’s

    1. Each project must be presented with a report containing explanations about how it was prepared and the technical details of the project and short video of participants. You can download the document from the website provided under each category

    2. Project report must be written only in English

    3. The projects are going to be evaluated team based and points will be assigned to all team members.

    4. Generally, there are two stages/levels in each category. Where in the first stage students are going to be presenting their projects and in the second stage showing their knowledge in the written exam or test. For the team members all points will be cumulative and medals are going to be given according to the total team points for all team members. For example, if the team contains two members and members got 20 (student-1), 30 (student-2) points in first stage and 30 (student-1), 40 (student-2) in the second stage their total is going to be total points = (20+30+30+40)/4 = 30. For example, if the team gets a gold medal all team members will get a gold medal.

    5. Due to the reason that each category is in different area, there might be different evaluation techniques and criteria’s set by juries. Such information is going to be specifically provided in the category’s menu on the website

    Prizes and Awards

    1. The first absolute participants in each category will be awarded with 100% tuition waiver for education in the Faculty of Engineering at Suleyman Demirel University (SDU Grant)

    2. The second absolute participants in each category will be awarded with 50% tuition waiver for education in the Faculty of Engineering at Suleyman Demirel University (SDU Grant)

    3. The third absolute participants in each category will be awarded with 30% tuition waiver for education in the Faculty of Engineering at Suleyman Demirel University (SDU Grant)

    4. Also there are special prizes and awards, that are going to be given by the sponsors which will be announced later

    5. The distribution for medals are as follows: 10% Gold, 20% Silver, 30% Bronze in the particular section (% number of participants in particular section)

    6. All participants will be awarded with Participation Certificate

  • Rules will be updated soon.

  • Rules will be updated soon.

Important dates
  • 1 January 2018

    Online registration and project submissions

  • 5 March 2018

    End of project submissions

  • 15 February - 30 March 2018

    Announcement of accepted projects

  • 1-15 March 2018

    Final participation confirmation, payment approval, invitation and visa process

  • 12-15 April 2018

    “INFOMATRIX-ASIA” 2018 Competition

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